Welcome to the Machine Learning for Computer Vision Chair at TU Dresden

We welcome Bjoern Andres as Professor of the Machine Learning for Computer Vision Chair starting 01.01.2020.
We welcome Benjamin Guthier as head of the CVLD starting 15.09.2017 and ending 31.03.2019.
Computer Vision is a science that develops models and methods for understanding, analyzing, acquiring and processing images and generally high-dimensional structured data. Computer Vision is an inter-disciplinary field with strong links to Machine Learning, Optimization, Biology, Computer Graphics, and Human Computer Interaction. The mission of the Computer Vision Lab Dresden is to develop novel theoretical concepts which are practically relevant. We work on a broad range of application areas, from image matching, via semantic scene understanding, to Bio Imaging. On the theoretical side we focus on optimization and learning in probabilistic graphical models, as well as Deep Learning.

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Our Research

Optimization & Learning

with a focus on graphical models, deep models, and large-scale optimization.

Image Matching

with a focus on 3-9DoF scene flow, as well as jointly recovering multiple physical aspects.

Scene Understanding

with a focus on 3D semantic scene under-standing, and model-based vision.

Bio Imaging

with a focus on segmentation, tracking, and matching – jointly with teams from MPI-CBG.

Image Analysis

with a focus on segmentation, interactive techniques, as well as camera design.

Collaborators & Industrial Partners

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Head of CVLD.
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